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Federica Napoletani

Soprano I

Federica Napoletani began studying piano at a very early age and continued her training with several teachers including Silvia Limongelli, Alberto Magagni, and Giampaolo Nuti at the Conservatorio “A. Boito” in Parma where she was awarded top marks on her Diploma in Pianoforte in the summer of 2012. At the age of eighteen, she flanked her piano studies with voice and opera, studying first with Maddalena Calderoni and then with Maria Cristina Curti at the Conservatorio “A. Boito” in Parma under whose guidance she earned her Diploma in Canto Lirico in the autumn of 2012.

She broadened her knowledge of the stylistic aspects of a wide variety of vocal music, ranging from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music to bel canto and chamber music, while studying with Alessandra Althoff, Sergio Foresti, Silvia Testoni, Barbara Zanichelli, Gabriella Ravazzi, and Carlo Napoletani. With Napoletani, modern performing and the issue of any differences that might arise between modern and more classical performances were also dealt with.She is currently working toward a Master of Arts in Music Performance at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano and attending Luisa Castellani’s vocal performance class which, in particular, delves into chamber and contemporary repertoires. In this period she has come to deeply appreciate various aspects of German chamber music and undertaken more detailed study with Daniel Fueter as well as performing, together with pianist Silvia Magagni, some of the most famous works of German chamber music. At the same time, she is passionately devoted to contemporary music, performing Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Pierre Boulez’s Improvisation sur Mallarmé at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in collaboration with Ensemble 900 del CSI and Arturo Tamayo’s class of Orchestral Conducting.

She performs regularly in Italy and Switzerland both as a soloist and in collaboration with various early music and contemporary vocal and instrumental ensembles including Alia Monodia, La Camerata Strumentale di S.Quirico, Studium Ensemble, and Odhecaton with whom she performed the music of the Spanish composer Luis de Pablo in May 2013 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. She has been directed by Atruro Tamay, Ottavio Merino, Elena Schwarz, Paolo Da Col, and Fabrizio Tallachini. She is also committed to the teaching of voice and piano at L’Associazione Musicale “Confetture musicali” in Domodossola (VB) and at MAT in Lugano.

She has been the soprano with The Blossomed Voice since January 2013.

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