The Blossomed Voice

The ensemble was born in January 2008. Each of the members has contributed with their diverse experiences and musical skills to cultivating a more profound interest in various historical and geographical musical contexts which has resulted in the development of a polyphonic repertoire, both sacred and secular, touch on traditional expressions of popular music in later periods as well as pop music and ``neoclassical`` contemporary music.

Our Curriculum


The repertoire covers a historical period that ranges from Renaissance sacred, secular polyphony to jazz and pop arrangements of the twentieth century and ``neoclassical`` contemporary music.

Our Repertoire
FV0A2631 - Copia

Upcoming Concerts

  • Friday 21 June 2019  h 18.00

     Festa della Musica

    Location in via di definizione a Orta San Giulio (NO)

  • Saturday 22 June 2019  h 21.00

     Concerto a Lanzo Torinese

    Chiesa di San Pietro In Vincoli di Lanzo Torinese (TO)

  • Sunday 7 July 2019  h 17.00

     Concerto a Losone

    Chiesa parrocchiale di San Lorenzo di Losone (Svizzera)

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