Claudio Poggi

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Claudio Poggi


His musical education started at the age of 11, at Scuola civica Musicale Pietro Canonica in Moncalieri (Torino) with the piano teacher Carmen Sanpaolo, and were furthered with singing lessons followed by Alessandra Cordero.

In 1997 he joined the University Choir in Torino, with M° Paolo Zaltron with whom he began to study both sacred and secular choir music. He attended stages with Krijn Koetsveld, Luigi Marzola and Paolo de Col. At the same time he joined, as added voice, the Camera Choir of Consevatorio di Torino, with M° Dario Tabbia, and also the vocal and instrumental Ensemble “Il sogno di Polifilo” specialized in ancient and contemporary music.

He was a chorister with “Galinverna”, a vocal and instrumental group playing medieval, sacred and secular music.

He joined many choirs and vocal groups among which “Collegio Musicale Italiano” specialized in Renaissanse and Romantic music using original instruments, and also the male choir group “Michele Novaro” specialized in music from Risorgimento.

In 2003 he collaborated with “Quarto Eccedente” a vocal quartet proposing music from the early 1930-1940 and 1950, with whom he takes part to more than 120 concerts.

From 2007 he joins “GiranoVoci” a vocal sextet that in 2012 tributed a concert to Fabrizio De Andrè and his album “La Buona Novella” working with the composer Carlo Pavese.

From 2017 he joins the “Blossomed Voice” vocal ensemble as tenor voice.

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